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Pool Electrical Subscription

Pool Electrical Subscription 


Pool electrical maintenance is essential to keeping your pool up and running safely and efficiently. Angel Advanced Technologies offers a pool electrical maintenance subscription that ensures your pool remains in good standing and up to code. With the help of our experienced electricians, you can rest assured knowing that all safety protocols are being followed and that all maintenance services and repairs are performed expertly and efficiently. 

Our pool electrical maintenance subscription gives customers peace of mind about their pools' electrical systems. It also provides them with cost savings over time by avoiding costly emergency repairs due to a lack of regular upkeep. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer in Kitty Hawk or any other of the Outer Banks area communities, Angel Advanced Technologies' team of licensed technicians is equipped and ready to provide safe, modern solutions for all your pool electrical needs. 

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Comprehensive Pool Electrical Subscription Details

Our annual pool electrical maintenance plan aims to provide our customers with the comprehensive inspection and maintenance services they need to feel confident that their pool’s electrical system is well-cared for. Our maintenance subscription plan is also designed to help customers establish practical best practices for their pool electrical system maintenance that is both meaningful and realistic. As such, our subscription plan covers five key areas.

Services included in our Pool Electrical Subscription are as follows: 

  1. Electrical connection inspections: over time (about five years), the connections for terminals and pressure-type connectors must be tightened and observed for an over-ampacity condition or potential failure.
  2. GFCI receptacle & circuit breaker testing: while most manufacturers recommend testing GFCI-type devices monthly, the reality of our lives is inherently not accommodating to those recommendations. However, by guaranteeing your renters or pool users that, at a minimum, the devices have been tested pre-season by a licensed electrician, you can give them peace of mind.  
  3. Bonded perimeter confirmation: Angel Advanced Technologies has adopted a minimum inspection standard for the bonding ring surrounding a pool. Our inspection is intended to confirm continuity between all metal parts of a pool area within five feet of the pool. The continuity ensures that if the power company, a neighboring electrical system, or your electrical system has a condition known as transient voltage, the pool area is in (as safe) and code-compliant condition as possible, thereby mitigating shocking hazards.
  4. Weather-resistant cover maintenance: all weather-resistant covers for switches and receptacles will be replaced with new gaskets and caulking as needed. Our experienced electricians have found that this type of proactive, annual maintenance of weather-resistant covers can significantly reduce the amount of maintenance required for the switch and receptacles they protect.  
  5. Bulb replacements (in up to four fixtures): the odds of finding a single bulb needing replacement is well over 50%. Frequently, exterior pool area lights are overlooked and are only inspected for functionality once there is an issue. Our team ensures the functionality and condition of the pool lights as part of our subscription service.  

The Angel Advanced Technologies pool electrical subscription is 465.00 annually. 

Getting Started & Important Subscription Information 

Upon commencing your pool electrical subscription service, we will establish a regimented calendar to perform your service annually. Access to your home or property will be coordinated in advance, and you (or your property manager) will need to authorize Angel Advanced Technologies to perform all scheduled dates in advance. 

In cases where a pool’s electrical system is found to be dysfunctional, such as finding poor connectivity between metal parts, inoperable GFCI devices, lights, disconnecting switches or receptacles, our electricians will advise you or the responsible party of the repair options and associated costs. Regarding repairs of a compromised pool bond, the projected expenses for repairs may include the quotes from several different types of service providers. 

That said, Angel Advanced Technologies does not provide any leads to other service providers. Our directive is to work with and complete all electrical services surrounding the remedy of a pool system’s bonding equipotential plane. However, occasionally, coordination between the property owner or property manager may require a concrete and/or pool contractor to remedy a compromised pool bond. 

Expert Solutions for Pool Electrical Repairs

It is Angel Advanced Technologies’ standard operating procedure to offer an estimate for any repair services, then ask for a deposit for the repairs to be scheduled. Until noted repairs have been completed, Angel Advanced Technologies cannot deem that the pool electrical system safe. A liability waiver will be requested to be signed in order to mitigate any responsibility of Angel Advanced Technologies as well as the associated hazards if the owner or property manager wishes to continue the use of the pool between the time of the identification of repairs and the actual date contracted for repairs. 

Angel Advanced Technologies is held by all rights of the NEC codes and standards adopted by the state of North Carolina. As such, we prioritize safety and compliance. When you sign up for our pool electrical subscription plan, you can rest assured that you will always receive reliable, professional-level electrical services from highly experienced electricians. 

Ready to secure your pool's electrical safety? Contact Angel Advanced Technologies at (252) 306-3103 or reach out to us online. Your peace of mind is our priority. 


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