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Homeowners have to worry about a lot of things when it comes to taking care of their property. One of the biggest issues, however, is security. Protecting the members of your household as well as all your valuables is an essential task. This is why our team at Angel Advanced Technologies is here to deliver. With our reliable products for Kitty Hawk home security services, residents can rest well at night. 

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Types of Security Lighting

A critical way to keep a home safe and secure from trespassers is to install security lights. From High beams and spotlights to up lights and down lights, we can fully equip a home with a dependable light system. 

Some kinds of security lights we can add include:

  • Moveable lights – Sometimes there are areas in a property that require extra lights, in addition to the primary continuous or emergency systems. Places that get really dark or cannot be easily reached by other means would greatly benefit from moveable lights, which can be flexibly re-positioned. 
  • Standby lights – For those looking for a dependable light system that does not use constant energy, standby lights are an excellent choice. These stationary lights can be triggered by sensing motion, which scares off intruders at the first step. Alternatively, lights can be arranged to turn on at certain intervals. Having a timer can greatly save costs on wasted electricity.
  • Continuous lights – This kind of system is the most common type of security light, as well as one of the most dependable. By providing a constant source of light from dusk to sunrise, intruders will be kept at bay.
  • Emergency lights – If the building should ever be without power, it is crucial to have a source of light to illuminate exits, entrances, evacuation routes, and other important elements. If other lighting circuits fail or there is a blackout, these lights will automatically switch on. 

Get started on securing your home from any threat by speaking to our certified electricians online or calling us at (252) 306-3103.

Which Kinds of Alarm Systems Should You Have?

There have been lots of updates in security technology recently, and homeowners now have the luxury of choosing between all different kinds of systems, ranging from laser motion sensors to live video surveillance. With all the options for Smart technology, homeowners can even receive automatic updates and alerts. They also can control locks and codes remotely, even from miles away. Whatever kind of special feature residents have, however, there are certain, basic alarms that should equip every house.

Speak to our techs to learn more about alarms like:

  • Burglary and intruder alarms
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire alarms
  • Environmental hazard detectors

Let our dedicated team members at Angel Advanced Technologies help protect your whole home today with the right combination of alarms and sensors.

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