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Kitty Hawk Fire Alarm Services

Helping Keep Your Home or Facility Safe

Every second counts in the event of a fire in your facility or home. It's crucial that you have reliable fire alarm equipment in place. It alerts you to the crisis as soon as possible.

Angel Advanced Technologies is your trusted source for high-quality fire alarm equipment. We want you to have peace of mind and keep you informed about the safety of your property. Whether you run a small business, oversee a large commercial building, or want to protect your home, our top-of-the-line fire alarms are for you. Don't wait until it's too late. Prioritize the safety of your property today, and choose Angel Advanced Technologies.

Fire alarms are an essential safety measure for any building, but not all alarms are created equal. Our team provides a diverse selection of fire alarms, catering to all needs and preferences. We have everything from traditional bell alarms to advanced voice evacuation systems.

We also specialize in creating custom alarm systems that meet the unique requirements of your building. Our professionals can incorporate specialized alarms that cater to individuals with disabilities or unique sensitivities. With our range of fire alarm options, you can rest easy knowing you have the best protection available.

Reach out to Angel Advanced Technologies for a quote. We will never try to upsell you or talk you into services you don’t need. You can contact our pros online or call us directly at (252) 306-3103.

Our Services

Fire Alarm Systems, including:

  • Area of Rescue
  • Detection systems
  • Equipment shutdowns
  • Voice evacuation systems
  • Fire suppression systems monitoring


We provide a comprehensive selection of top-tier fire alarm system equipment, including products from renowned manufacturers such as Gamewell-FCI and other industry leaders.


Our inspections adhere strictly to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements. After each scheduled inspection, our technicians can provide a comprehensive report that complies with national and local regulations. These reports identify potential areas for enhancing system performance, and they facilitate code compliance.

Our team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and equipment to meet the demands of modern fire alarm systems. We are dedicated to conducting comprehensive testing and inspection of all system components, ensuring their proper functionality. By consistently maintaining clean and responsive smoke detectors, we effectively minimize unwarranted false alarms and enhance overall system performance.

System Design

Our experienced design department is committed to providing comprehensive fire alarm design. We ensure that our designs NFPA standards, local and state building codes, and insurance underwriter standards. All our designs comply with the ACAD format, ensuring accuracy and compatibility.

System Monitoring

We train our professional operators to identify incoming alarms and notify the appropriate authorities. We are on the job when you can't be.

Smoke Detection Systems

Our hardwired smoke detectors, equipped with a central, supervised battery backup, give your family prompt notification when smoke is present. These dedicated detectors remain active 24/7, regardless of your security alarm's status. Your space may be eligible for our monitoring services as well, allowing us to immediately contact emergency services when smoke detectors go off.

Servicing: Maintenance and Repair

Our proficient and knowledgeable team can repair all your fire alarm system components, regardless of size, complexity, or manufacturer.

Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems

Every day, families suffer horrible tragedies when human senses cannot recognize the presence of carbon monoxide. Families must safeguard their homes against this threat. We provide reliable solutions with hardwired or wireless carbon monoxide detectors. We can also offer monitoring services that directly connect to medical assistance when necessary.

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