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Finding reliable network support in Nags Head does not have to be a challenge when you come to Angel Advanced Technologies. Our dedicated specialists offer trustworthy Kitty Hawk network IT services so that our clients can benefit from the highest quality products.

The Importance of Updating Your Network

In the past, when people mainly used the internet to surf the web occasionally, all that was needed in a house was a basic broadband connection. However, as entire families became reliant on more devices, typical ISPs (Internet service providers) were no longer efficient. With the onslaught of COVID-19, basic customer premises equipment (called CPEs) fell short of the mark as well. More people are required to work or study from home, which requires much stronger network capabilities, especially when powering multiple smart devices. Anyone who is tired of lagging web pages or unstable video connection should speak to a network specialist. We can help clients in ensuring they never miss an important meeting or conference ever again.

What Is Involved in Installing a Home Network

Adding a home network to optimize internet performance is a complicated task, which is why it should always be left to professionals. In addition to carefully setting up the hardware, technicians must navigate the architectural challenges of the building’s structure. Otherwise, large obstacles like columns, walls, and hallways could hamper the network’s range. 

The comprehensive process of setting up a home network will include tasks such as:

  • Examining any current hardware that needs to be removed or replaced
  • Determining how many wired and wireless devices are needed for an optimal hybrid environment
  • Connecting wired devices to routers with an appropriate gigabit speed
  • Set up either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands for wireless devices, depending on smart device compatibility
  • Add options for increasing the home network range with an Ethernet cable or wireless extenders 
  • Activate security systems to safely control and protect the network from harmful traffic, with minimal virtual ports as needed
  • Use network speed tests to optimize the network’s level of performance, finding and removing obstacles that interfere with the channels

We can be reached online or at (252) 306-3103 for a free estimate to enjoy a fast and dependable network today.

How Long Does a Cable Installation Take?

To connect to the Wi-Fi in a house, the internet first needs to be delivered to the home router via something called a fiber optic cable. The cable is named for the fibers it has inside, which transfer light signals that allow residents to access the internet. Naturally, homeowners want to access their network as soon as possible, so they always ask how fast the process takes. However, the answer depends on whether the cable can be fed across lines above ground or if it needs to be buried beneath the surface. Our dedicated team at Angel Advanced Technologies can estimate how much time is necessary to safely install the cable to access the network.

Speak to our knowledgeable contractors (252) 306-3103 concerning any questions you may have about our certified Kitty Hawk network it services.

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