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With the advance in technological features for a house, homeowners can feel more comfortable and secure than ever before. Our Kitty Hawk Smart home services go far beyond just automation for lights and temperature control. With our whole home audio systems, residents can listen to music all around the house. Alternatively, you can have a personal theatre installed by Angel Advanced Technologies for superior entertainment.

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Discover the Advantages of Smart Home Automation in Kitty Hawk

Transform your home into a smart, connected space with our range of smart home services. From lighting and climate control to security and entertainment, our team can help you integrate the latest smart home technology into your home. Whether you're looking to enhance convenience, improve energy efficiency, or increase security, our experts can design and install a customized smart home system tailored to your needs.

Key Benefits of Smart Home Technology for Your Lifestyle

  • Convenience and automation with remote access and control
  • Energy savings through automated lighting and temperature control
  • Integration with voice assistants and other smart devices
  • Enhanced security and peace of mind with smart locks and cameras
  • Entertainment and lifestyle enhancements
  • Increased home value

Why Residents Should Invest in Whole Home Audio

Listening to music around the home is one of the best ways to either relax or feel energized as you get on with normal tasks. It’s also a great way to create a fun atmosphere when guests come over. However, it can be difficult when trying to listen to music while moving from room to room. No one wants to carry the whole system with them. Whole home audio resolves this issue by offering smart options for playing tunes conveniently.

When professionals add a whole home audio system, they do not have to put a messy system of wires all throughout the drywall of the house. Instead, residents can control the sound quality, volume, and music itself from any room in the house. Unlike earlier sound systems, the most cutting-edge versions even use high-resolution touch screens, rather than clunky remotes. This gives instant access to a huge range of streaming options, from web players to radio playlists. Because these products only use the most cutting-edge innovations, they do not need to be maintained, cutting costs in the long run.

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Options for a Smart In-Home Theatre

Seeing a movie on the big screen is a good method of taking your mind off reality for a while. Nevertheless, traveling to the theatre, standing in line, or having the view blocked are all annoyances that make the process quite inconvenient. By installing a home theatre, however, family members can avoid this hassle and enjoy the most comfortable form of entertainment. Designing a theatre requires much more than squishy seats and a big screen. Smart-home technicians can help clients optimize special features for high-quality audio and video.

Our helpful experts can offer detailed consultations with clients to determine key decisions like:

  • Where the lights will be placed on the walls and ceiling
  • Total sound and video immersion 
  • Options for light themes, from space to ocean vibes
  • The size of the screen and placement
  • Types of lighting fixtures for functionality and style
  • Options for energy efficiency and security
  • Smart connections, such as a low voltage lights system bridge

No matter how large or small a theatre space is, there are plenty of ways to tailor it for maximum comfort and flexibility. By contacting our skilled specialists at Angel Advanced Technologies, residents can have their watching experience customized to fit their individual needs.

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