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Generator Maintenance

Generator Maintenance Subscription

Angel Advanced Technologies Services Residents Across the Outer Banks Area 

Angel Advanced Technologies offers an invaluable service for homeowners in the Kitty Hawk and surrounding Outer Banks areas: a yearly generator maintenance subscription. Standby generators, also known as whole-house generators, are essential to maintain your home’s power during times of electrical outages. A generator maintenance plan provided by Angel Advanced Technologies ensures that these systems remain in optimal working condition and can provide reliable backup energy when the power goes out. 

Our backup generator experts are passionate about helping customers protect their investments with our generator maintenance subscription plan. With our reliable services, we strive to make sure that homeowners have a dependable source of backup power when they need it most.

When was the last time your generator was serviced? Stop worrying about scheduling, and sign up for our annual generator subscription today. Contact us online or call (252) 306-3103

Is Generator Maintenance Truly Necessary? 

When it comes to generators, regular maintenance is absolutely necessary to keep them operating properly. Without routine service, a generator can suffer from reduced performance, leading to frequent breakdowns and costly repairs. Poorly maintained generators also require more fuel, which increases operational costs. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your generator, prevents untimely breakdowns, and helps to ensure that your system will run efficiently when you need it most. 

Take the hassle out of generator maintenance by signing up for our subscription service. It not only provides peace of mind but can also save you money over time. Our trained technicians will conduct an in-depth checkup on all components, including testing the battery and changing filters and fluids for liquid propane or natural gas systems. This service also includes a detailed report on any necessary repairs or servicing needed so that you can address any issues promptly and accurately. 

What Does the Generator Subscription Cover? 

Our generator subscription is comprehensive and covers all the bases. We aim to help you ensure that your generator remains in optimal condition and that all components function as they should. The bottom line is that routine maintenance through our generator subscription is an essential part of keeping your home standby generator running optimally and protecting your investment for years to come. 

Our generator subscription plan covers your generator from head to toe, including: 

  • Electrical connection inspections: this includes tightening any loose connections and ensuring all other connections are secure, including those at the transfer switch and other generator electrical connection locations. 
  • Transfer switch device functionality test: while some generator manufacturers recommend testing the transfer device monthly, this is not practical for most generator owners. We include transfer switch device testing as part of our generator inspection, giving you peace of mind knowing it has been professionally inspected.
  • Valve Adjustment: this service is performed as needed. Though manufacturers provide a recommended valve adjustment interval based on the number of hours of operation, our generator specialists will always check the valves as part of your subscription service. 
  • Battery test 
  • Oil replacements 
  • Oil filter replacements 
  • Air filter replacements
  • Spark plug replacements 
  • Wipe and wax 

The cost of our annual generator maintenance subscription plan is $785.00 

How the Generator Subscription Plan Works 

Once you sign up for our subscription plan, we will finalize your annual generator maintenance schedule. Before each visit, we will coordinate with you or your property manager to gain access to your home and generator. We will also secure advanced approval from you or your property manager to perform your generator services. 

If we find issues with your generator, such as poor connectivity between terminals and parts, inoperable led display lights, disconnecting switches, batteries, or transfer switches, your technician will advise you on your repair options as well as the projected repair costs. On all repairs, Angel Advanced Technologies will provide a repair estimate. We also require a deposit before scheduling repair services. 

Until the identified repair issues have been resolved, we cannot deem your generator system safe to operate. We will request that you sign a liability waiver to mitigate any responsibility of Angel Advanced Technologies and outline the associated hazards should you wish to continue using the generator between the time of the identification of repairs and the actual date contracted for repairs. Angel Advanced Technologies is held by all rights of the NEC codes and standards adopted by the state of North Carolina.

Protect your generator today by signing up for annual service with Angel Advanced Technologies. Please send us a message online or call (252) 306-3103.


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