Angel Advanced Technologies Mission

Our team agrees on these goals! Be an asset to our community through this local business.

We work hard to provide an excellent experience for our team and the community. I have grown up and worked here on the Outer Banks for many years. “I have a vision of continuing to be a local service provider that our team and community can count on!” We currently provide Electrical, Audio Video, Security, Network IT and systems integration services. AAT pushes into the vast world of technology daily. We encourage our team to stay up to speed on learning the latest technology and codes for compliance. One day I would love to see a business which our team has been able to achieve their desired maximum potential. I know we all love to expand our horizons to become greater assets to our families and community. Help support your community and our team to grow stronger, by allowing us to be of service. We will all work diligently to be on point, on time and on budget.


Matt Florez

Check out our Services page on our website to see how we can be of assistance to you, your business and friends. or give us a call 2522562773

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