Turf's Up in Kitty Hawk, NC.

Angel Advanced Technologies has been fine tuning the WiFi and Audio Video scene at Turf's Up. The latest and greatest sports experience you will find on the Outer Banks. Our team has implemented the playback of full sound and interconnected video to a 160" projection screen. Ash Jones (Owner) asked if he could gain control of his music system from his POS system and have a big game viewable from one of the simulator bays? Absolutely was the answer. Our Team at Angel Advanced Technologies is committed to providing greater opportunities using today's latest technology. We are quite privileged to be able to work on a unique place where interactive fun can be found. Turf's Up is designed to challenge you, to train you and to simply allow you to have a blast. It is setup to provide a real life like scene challenging each sport enthusiast to be on their game. A must experience! http://turfsupobx.com/

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