Audio Video Installation In A Pine Island, Corolla, NC. Resort Vacation Home

Angel Advanced Technologies humbles its approach to provide cutting edge tech. Moving into the 2016 era of technologiy, more and more smart phone ease of use applications come to light. This creates new spur of the moment entertainment. The Sonos sound system is our favorite at current. Recently this installation provided AAT the opportunity to bring a home with antiquated high end Audio Video, back into the current times. Using Sonos sound systems and Harmony universal remotes we are able to give people who vacation in this home something to look forward to as the rainy weather exist outside. By giving them ease of use into the online music streaming world through Sonos, to being able to easily navigate from watching a program on TV to watching content on youtube, Hulu , Netflix, all with excellent quality sound. With our installations a family on vacation can create times of rememburance being snuggled up close. To encourage the outdoors we provide a speaker set for the pool area which anyone with a device with bluetooth can play music. Say goodby to expensive muti-component complex entertainment systems and give us an opportunity to make life simply entertaining.

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