A highly motivated Outer Banks Electrical Contractor and surrounding areas..Matt Florez (owner) has been in the industry since 1997. He started with resort style homes and eager to learn more about the potential of electricity, lighting, fire/alarm and security, he started working in the commercial world. This landed him on government contracted work such as; hospitals, military bases, research facilities, and schools.  After gaining a good foundation for these various systems, Matt was promoted into job site superintendent  for several of the military base installations as well as the schools. 

Angel Advanced Technologies is a full service systems integration company.

Our team consists of certified Audio Video experts, Home Automation experts and designers, licensed electricians, and IT systems experts. We pride ourselves in the combined knowledge of our team members. The fundamental goal is to provide a comprehensive service to our community and be accountable as technologies experts. We love our clients and are always entertained with the technologies we are given to integrate. 


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